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Payroll & benefits. 

Built for the independent worker.

Independent work offers the freedom and flexibility to do what you truly love but comes with burdensome HR stuff:

  • I’m responsible for taking care of my taxes. Did I withhold enough? Am I compliant?

  • I have to find healthcare benefits, on my own, that won’t break the bank.

  • I don’t have a W2 and this makes some financial transactions difficult.

Opolis is a digital employment cooperative that makes independent work easy by:

  • Providing pay stubs and end-of-year W2s through your LLC or C-Corp.

  • Using our group purchasing power to make high-quality, affordable benefits (health insurance, retirement plans, and more) accessible and that travel with you.

  • Giving you peace-of-mind that the correct taxes are being withheld and you’re compliant.

  • Handling all of the burdensome HR stuff so you can do what you do best - building your business.

As a member, you are also an owner of the cooperative and share in the future profits of the network. Our members earn $WORK tokens by using our services, staking tokens and referring their friends.

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A digital employment cooperative providing payroll, W2, benefits for the independent worker

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