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Opolis <> Mariah Howard

Payroll & benefits. 

Built for the independent worker.

Independent work offers the freedom and flexibility to do what you truly love but comes with burdensome HR stuff:

  • I’m responsible for taking care of my taxes. Did I withhold enough? Am I compliant?

  • I have to find healthcare benefits, on my own, that won’t break the bank.

  • I don’t have a W2 and this makes some financial transactions difficult.

Opolis is a digital employment cooperative that makes independent work easy by:

  • Providing pay stubs and end-of-year W2s through your LLC or C-Corp.

  • Using our group purchasing power to make high-quality, affordable benefits (health insurance, retirement plans, and more) accessible and that travel with you.

  • Giving you peace-of-mind that the correct taxes are being withheld and you’re compliant.

  • Handling all of the burdensome HR stuff so you can do what you do best - building your business.

As a member, you are also an owner of the cooperative and share in the future profits of the network. Our members earn $WORK tokens by using our services, staking tokens and referring their friends.

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A digital employment cooperative providing payroll, W2, benefits for the independent worker

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Mariah Howard, also known as the Muva of Marketing, an accomplished business strategist and software engineer with over 8 years of experience in the advertising industry. Mariah holds a degree in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University and a master's degree in Healthcare Administration. 

Mariah's passion for economic liberation in the new digital age has propelled her to address over 100 audiences worldwide. As a founding member of the Developer DAO and an advisor for The Culture Cards, she leads the charge in global strategy and innovation. 

As a blockchain educator and enthusiast Mariah understands the fundamental components in creating a new shared economy. It has the power to change business and society. Tomorrow's largest employer will be "solopreneurs" -- freelancers who work independently and have no one but themselves to turn to for support, information, planning and execution. 

With Opolis' toolsets are robust enough to help every member succeed independently, while providing the same advantages other employers do. Opolis will reshape the path from passion to paycheck. 

Together, they forge a path towards fostering innovation, driving equitable growth, and creating a brighter future for technology-based start-ups. 

Meet Ambassador Mariah

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