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Opolis is a next-generation digital employment cooperative where every member is also an owner. Once we become profitable, members will share in the profits!

Our members enjoy: 

  • An average of 20-50% savings on top-rated national group health insurance

  • Self-sovereign portable employment and a W2 + paystubs from a Colorado cooperative

  • Tokenized rewards: consumption, staking, and referrals

  • Fund payroll in stablecoins and digital currencies without centralized exchanges

  • Receive paychecks in fiat and white-listed digital currencies

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Why members love Opolis

We're on a mission to make sure that you have access to high-quality and affordable payroll, employment benefits, and membership perks that rival a traditional corporate job. 

Celebrate your independence while getting the benefits you need with Opolis. 

Benefits built for freelancers.


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Take control of your work-life and never lose your benefits.

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Payroll & Compliance

Semi-monthly payroll in USD and crypto currencies.

Plus, we handle all tax withholding and compliance so you don't have to.

Members typically save 20-50% on top-rated group insurance. 

And, our insurance travels with you - something that you won't get on a state exchange.

FSA & HSA accounts

Retirement plans including Group 401(k), Solo 401(k), and various IRA options

Short & Long-term disability

Health, Dental & Vision 

Beyond the Basics

Payroll & benefits. Built for you.

Opolis is a member-owned digital employment cooperative offering payroll and high-quality, affordable benefits (health insurance, retirement plans, and more) to professional contractors. 

With Opolis, you don’t have to worry about tax withholding or compliance. We handle that for you. Our members enjoy:

Payroll & Compliance